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cc95ba09368848d6862b8a6b3235c4a2Please sign and spread the petition below to Stop violating the rights of the Palestinian Refugees

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The human being is born as free and honorable. None whosoever has the right to demean him/her or alien their own inherent dignity. Since the human nature necessitates respecting such dignity, keeping it away from any kind of humiliation and degradation, and promoting it, this nature stands as a guarantee to achieve a favorable state …

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Legal Complication

Legal Complication and Misinterpretation of Rights This link provides access to the interpretations of the United Nations Refugee Agency. It should be considered here that the Agency can change its interpretations, but… Any interpretation from the United Nations Refugee Agency to the international Convention for Refugees that results in the unfulfillment of the assignments stated …

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I. Premises II. Any Way Out? III. Rights and Reality IV. Action I. Premises When to be a refugee? Unfamiliar may it sound, the question is of great importance from a practical perspective. The problem occurs as a result of the relationship between the international statute for refugees and the “interpretive” statute of the United …

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